I have known McKenna for years, as a bridesmaid in other weddings I’ve photographed. I’ve always been drawn to her kindness (and beauty, of course), but have recently gotten to know her better as a client. I’ve hung out with her a total of three times and I always come away from our time together feeling like I’ve shared more with her than it’s taken me years to share with other people. She has this quality about her that is both real and interested and I really REALLY like her. She’s endured a lot of loss in her short life and she truly hasn’t “wasted it;” she has become a stronger and more compassionate person because of it.

One of those losses was her mother. As you can imagine (or some of you may know), she was taken way too young and sounds like a truly incredible person. McKenna wanted to use the bridal session portion of her wedding package to take some photos in her dress, as a gift to her dad and grandmother. What an incredibly beautiful and weighty task for me to take on – my vision was simple and beautiful and respectful of her mom’s memory and I couldn’t be happier with the photos. These were under lockdown until the wedding and I’m so glad to be able to share them with you now, but not as happy as I was to share them with McKenna. It’s safe to say, she looked incredible in her mom’s dress and am so happy that I’ve been able to be a part of such a happy time in her life.

The last photos in this post are in front of the church where McKenna’s parents got married.

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