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Green or Brown

How cool is this family? They are, literally, the picture of perfection and it was so fun meeting and chatting with them during on this absolutely gorgeous winter day. People always love green in their photos but I so much love brown in the background. Agree? Disagree? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Mackenzie & Creighton

These two lovebirds are so very easy to be around. They are opposites and also so alike at the same time. Creighton is chatty to the extent that I actually had to tell him to stop talking and Mackenzie is super reserved but so easy with her smiles. They are the kind of people that […]

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Drake comes out of the doghouse

These guys are some of my all time 100% top favoritist of favorite families. I hope you know them because if you don’t, you’re missing out. Also, I scored big points from Joey for including Drake the dog in the photos – he hasn’t been invited to photos since their first, Matdy was born. Before […]

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Texas Transplants

Michelle contacted me while she still lived in Texas. She wanted to work with a photographer and my style was what she was looking for. As a Texas transplant, she had her heart set on snow pictures. We originally set something up but I told her how unpredictable snow is around here. We either have […]

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