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Mara & Zach and my non-retirement

I know that I haven’t yet blogged last year’s weddings, but I heard a rumor that I’m no longer accepting weddings and this couldn’t be further from the truth. To prove this point, here’s my first wedding of 2018 and I’m delighted to book your 2019 wedding, so please don’t believe rumors – check with […]

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Emily & Hayes

Emily and Hayes were my last wedding of 2017. I’m a classic “have high expectations kindofa gal,” and I had high-high expectations for this wedding. It was the last of the year, but that wasn’t really why – I adored the couple (see their engagement session), knew we’d be taking most of the photos at […]

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Krista & Austin

Krista and Austin’s beautiful wedding was aces. The weather, the fall colors, the two drops of rain for good luck – it was just storybook perfect. Then we get to this couple – they are a stunning couple and always calm as cucumbers. I loved how classy and tasteful everything was, and I was a super […]

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