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Oh, sweet Stella. What an honor to be her newborn photographer. I photographed her parent’s wedding and she was born pretty close to their second anniversary. She’s such a beauty and was a great sleeper, which is always a good way into my heart. Her eyelashes, though…seriously. Thank you, Ashley and Logan, for letting me […]

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Frances is the fourth child/second girl born into an amazing family. I have known this family since their second child was born and we’ve since been Facebook/Instagram friends and I just adore the way these parents love their children. They are super inspiring and if you know them (and I know many of you do), […]

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Beautiful Reagan didn’t love her newborn session, but by the time she had her three month session, she had changed her mind about me, thankfully. You’ll just have to wait a bit to see those, but in the meantime, take a look at this gorgeous baby and her gorgeous parents.

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Clark is the very well-loved baby of Ashley, Michael, and Henrik. There are a few great things about Clark (in reality there are more than a few, but these are the things that come to mind right now): 1. He looks just like this still, at 4+ months, except he’s bigger 2. His brother, Henrik, calls […]

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When I initially got the email from Parker’s mom to set up his newborn session and Baby Plan (before she had even had her first OB appointment), it was the sweetest thing ever. She told me their whole story: how they had tried for five years to have a baby, including numerous failed fertility procedures, […]

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