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Jared & Lindsay

Jared and Lindsay are amazing together. They are so supportive and kind and happy to be together. They are also the most easy-going, relaxed duo around. I feel like this is going to translate well into marriage. I am so very excited about the wedding they have planned and am so happy they chose me. […]

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Shelby’s session happened to fall on a day that was exhausting following an exhausting week. So, I’m just going to admit I didn’t feel super creative. But Shelby was instantly inspiring. Her outfits were perfect and she was a flawless model. The cloud cover wasn’t normally what I would choose, but it worked perfectly for […]

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the real deal

What a sweet family this is. Everyone was loving on each other and smiley and happiness. Sometimes we have to fake it for pictures, but this was the real deal, folks. There’s a lot of love going around in this family, so much that it oozes out. Little Luke is so edibly adorable – he even […]

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Bucket List

About six years ago I did a session from this family. Soon after that they moved to Ireland. I was so honored that they wanted me to take their photos on a recent visit to the States. What a cool family – so cultured, so much of the world they have shown their children, but […]

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Conor is a super stud baseball player – or at least that’s the impression I got. Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. He also has a pretty sweet dog named Morton. I believe the M on his hat stands for Morton. Again, please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. You’ve got to give props […]

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