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Kane is seriously handsome. His big huge eyes and expressive face made this session super fun. Not to mention his stylist wardrobe and fun momma. He was such a cooperative little one year old which is awesome and allows for a longer session full of amazingly cute pictures. Kane, don’t ever stop breaking hearts. 

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Matthew’s distain

Matthew lineage includes two older sisters who had the exact same thoughts about me during their tenure with the Baby Plan. They just can’t help that they have a super awesome momma and they want nothing to do with anything in the world, other than her. The good news is that, in my experience, as […]

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Stella’s One Year

Stella is such a sweet, chunky peanut. I did her parent’s engagement photos, wedding, and Stella’s newborn photos. It’s such an honor to be chosen to continue to represent their family milestones and just to be a part of their lives, even if it’s a small part. Stella has a big personality and it’s so […]

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