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Looking at these photos, you’ll think Rachel is all legs and beauty. Don’t be fooled – she’s so much more than that: she’s valedictorian for Bismarck’s Legacy High School, she’s a great athlete, but most of all I adored her for being such a great, easy person to hang out with. Her stunning blue eyes are in no […]

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Deryk & Davion

Deryk and Davion are brothers from another mother and are both seniors so they decided to share their senior session. We fit a ton into the session – including visits to both of their schools and worked, literally, until the sun went down – I even got to put my fence hopping skills to the […]

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Some guys really enjoy getting their photos done. But in my 10 years of this, I could count those guys on one hand. I don’t know what it is, but it’s in most men’s DNA to hate photos; many times this manifests itself in boys as young as single digits. I don’t get it, but I […]

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