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Summer/Fall sessions

Guys! What a long sabbatical I took from blogging! Shame! SHAME! As I head into my busy season, I can make no promises that I will be much better, but I will try to post here and there. My summer and fall schedule are getting pretty full and I thought I should let people know […]

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tongue smiles

Clark’s 9 month session up at the family’s new lake property was a dream. I could honestly do every session up there and not get bored. It was also just so perfectly suited for Clark’s denim onesie and leather moccs. He’s always the sharpest dresser, but this outfit was one of my favorites – it […]

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This session – wow. I had never been to this farm, as is typical when I go to farms for photos, but this one was huge and had these cool, craggy badland looking backdrops. Not to mention the horses, cows and other views. Not to mention a super cool senior, some great outfits, and did […]

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This wedding, this couple, this venue, this family, this decor, those dogs. I know that Jarett and Amanda knew each other for a long time and either one would be dating someone else or the other would be dating someone else, so there were some missed opportunities or near misses or what-have-yous. But, when WE met, […]

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