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Paid Labor

Here we have a family I adore. We’ve been collaborating (which really means they show up with their awesomeness and I capture it) for 8 years. I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating – I love working with people that I’ve already established a relationship with and these guys are so sweet […]

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This session was scheduled just prior to Daddy’s deployment. And if you’re a military family, you know how changeable things of this nature can be. There’s usually training before-hand and the military can change your training dates, departure dates…all the dates in a moment’s notice. We had to adjust this session numerous times right in […]

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Spit & Fire

This family is non-stop laughs and personality. Their girls are 100% spit and fire, just like Momma. I love love it whenever I run into any of these amazing folks and momma makes me belly laugh every time I see her. And the hair – have you ever seen so many beautiful heads of hair […]

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my humble opinion

These pictures are some of my favorite family photos I’ve ever taken. I just love the intimacy, the fun, the smiles and laughs and tickles and snuggles. They just embodied exactly what I am trying to achieve each time I photograph a family. Cute outfits and a fun location aside, the whole reason we do […]

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