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Karli and Jordan :: married

Karli and Jordan will celebrate their one year anniversary in six days and I wish them the happiest of celebrations because they are a truly special duo. They are certainly some of the most genuinely kind people I have met and they are so incredibly perfect together. Everything about them and their day was fun […]

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Mara & Zach and my non-retirement

I know that I haven’t yet blogged last year’s weddings, but I heard a rumor that I’m no longer accepting weddings and this couldn’t be further from the truth. To prove this point, here’s my first wedding of 2018 and I’m delighted to book your 2019 wedding, so please don’t believe rumors – check with […]

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Mackenzie & Creighton

These two lovebirds are so very easy to be around. They are opposites and also so alike at the same time. Creighton is chatty to the extent that I actually had to tell him to stop talking and Mackenzie is super reserved but so easy with her smiles. They are the kind of people that […]

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