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Dawson Through the Year

Dawson followed suit from his older brother and did the Baby Plan – these are sessions 3-6 of the plan. We won some/we lost some with smiles, but all in all, I love seeing the progression and I love seeing families at regular intervals. I’ve posted about this family a lot recently, so you don’t […]

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Lakyn came in for a session when she was three months. She did so amazing with tummy time, smiles and outfit changes – all the things, among others, that can go wrong at a 3 month session. She is seriously adorable with those amazing blue eyes and sweet expressions. Call me crazy, but one of […]

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Marlee’s 3 months

To say that I look forward to these times with Marlee is an understatement. I’m trying to figure out a way to describe why. I love hanging out with her momma – it’s like we are having a girl’s date, just with a camera. Also, Marlee is just perfectly…I mean, come on. She’s beautiful, she’s […]

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I had a nice little break from everything and with my track record, I’ll bet you thought I wasn’t coming back to the blog, didn’t you? It was nice to get a recharge and to get some personal things organized and I can truly say I didn’t think about my business for a solid 9 […]

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