Alanna, Zara (& Stacey)

A few things you might know about me if you know me at all:

  1. I am obsessed with twins
  2. I love Stacey
  3. and this is not about me – but Stacey has twin sisters and we all got hooked up for some fun senior pictures


If you’re asking yourself, “who’s Stacey?” She’s the one in the middle right there. She worked for me for two great years and she’s amazing. I knew from the first email she sent me, that I had to hire her and my gut didn’t steer me wrong. She’s so quiet and wise and funny and I loved having her as a part of my team. Sadly, she moved to England, but just before she did, she brought her twin senior sisters in for an awesome photo shoot. I had never met them before and it was so cool to see that Stacey is a mixture of both of them. How cute are they, really?

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