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  • The most important thing for you to know about me is that I love my work. I love meeting new people and I love getting to know them and continuing to know them over the years through major & minor life events. I feel privileged to be included in some of your biggest milestones. I don't just want to photograph you or your family; I want to be a part of your lives. I want to laugh and cry with you. I want to snuggle your baby. I want to play with your kiddos. I want to admire the miracle of life growing inside you. I want to celebrate your love. I want to capture your connection. I want to freeze moments in time because these are important moments.

Alexandra turns One

Alexandra turned 1 and showed off her amazing eyes and winning smile for her photoshoot. She let her sister step in for some and they were so sweet with their sister snuggles. If you don’t know this family, I’m very sorry for you because they are not only super cool and funny but also the ultimate power family.


Magnus was perfectly awake and then perfectly asleep for his session, which is really the best of both worlds. I have so enjoyed working with this sweet family over his first year and look forward to posting more photos of this little peanut.


Makenna picked some amazing outfits for her session and we enjoyed some super light. So fun getting to know her and props to her for making my job easy peasy.

Ruby the superstar

Ruby is a straight stunner. Her hair. her freckles. her eyes – even her bruised legs. She’s so amazing and I loved capturing her at 8 years old. I have 100% hair envy – I mean, seriously. But there’s isn’t much more fun about my job than letting a kid play and dance and laugh and skip and feel like a super star.

love story

This has been a love story 10 years in the making. Which means this super family has been trusting me to capture their memories for 10 years straight. I adore each moment I spend with these folks. When we met, Gracie wasn’t even in the picture (not born yet, obvi) and then we transitioned through her tough toddler years together now look at her – stealing every shot with her smiles, laughs and perfect poses. Seriously, though, could they be more perfect?