Christmas Cards 2013

As usual, our card designs are fluid. Cards always come two-sided. So, most of these cards only show one side. You’ll have the back to put more photos on. You can put a front of one onto the back of another. Some of the designs show a folded card. You’ll have four sides to work with, with a folded card. You can change anything out – colors, layout…the world is your oyster.

Prices: $75 for a set of 25 flat 5×7 cards ($60 per set for 4 sets or more)
$100 for a set of 25 folded 5×7 cards ($85 per set for 4 sets or more)

Email or call in an order or I can reopen any gallery or we can set up an appointment to go over your personal design.

design 2design 13

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