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Alexandra turns One

Alexandra turned 1 and showed off her amazing eyes and winning smile for her photoshoot. She let her sister step in for some and they were so sweet with their sister snuggles. If you don’t know this family, I’m very sorry for you because they are not only super cool and funny but also the […]

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Ruby the superstar

Ruby is a straight stunner. Her hair. her freckles. her eyes – even her bruised legs. She’s so amazing and I loved capturing her at 8 years old. I have 100% hair envy – I mean, seriously. But there’s isn’t much more fun about my job than letting a kid play and dance and laugh […]

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Be like Brandon

This family is just so amazingly fun to see every single year. I love the girls – I really really do. But also what’s so refreshing is that dad has never once complained about pictures. In fact, he seems happy to see me and happy to spend time with his girls – smiling and tickling […]

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