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Dawson Through the Year

Dawson followed suit from his older brother and did the Baby Plan – these are sessions 3-6 of the plan. We won some/we lost some with smiles, but all in all, I love seeing the progression and I love seeing families at regular intervals. I’ve posted about this family a lot recently, so you don’t […]

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Matthew’s distain

Matthew lineage includes two older sisters who had the exact same thoughts about me during their tenure with the Baby Plan. They just can’t help that they have a super awesome momma and they want nothing to do with anything in the world, other than her. The good news is that, in my experience, as […]

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Wild Thing

Clark turned one. He also missed the memo on how cute he would look in his Wild Things crown. He spent the entire session trying to take that adorable crown off. I love his cozy little outfits almost as much as his Superman underwear. Oh Clark-y, you are the sweetest, the smooshiest and the best.

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