Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Best Things

These photos were some of the first I got in the spring with everything in bloom. I love, love the freshness of spring. I had never met this family before and I was super excited to work with them because they really wanted the candid play photos and those are the photos I’m truly passionate […]

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Busy Boys/Calm Momma

The great thing about photographing a family for years (in this case, almost five years), is that I get to know the family and we just get each other. This is especially nice when you have shy kiddos or crazy kiddos (or really, anywhere on those spectrums). These kiddos fall all over both of those […]

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To quote Marilla Cuthbert of Anne of Green Gables, “Every baby is the sweetest and the best.” and Charlotte is clearly no exception to that rule. Usually my newborn posts include a family photo or two, but mostly baby photos. Charlotte’s family photos were too hard to narrow down. Not only is her family beautiful, […]

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Ashley & Dillon

Ashley and Dillon are now married. This was from their engagement session in May. And here’s one of our family’s favorite memes to tell you how I feel about my blogging abilities.  Ashley and Dillon are good at being a couple. They’re good at looking cute and happy. So that makes up for everything. Also, […]

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