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I have a message for all of you in the web-0-sphere. Now that it’s getting green and warm here in ND, you think it’s outdoor picture time. Why not also have outdoor picture time in winter. Do you see how beautiful the light is and the colors? Brown is a beautiful backdrop, as is white. […]

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mike & taylor

Oh, hoar frost, how I love you. Mike and Taylor had the perfect colors for hoar frost/winter wonderland pictures. They are a very fun couple and if I know anything, I know they are soul mates. As I’m sure you’re wondering – yes, it was cold. Very cold. But they were willing to suffer anything […]

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Oh, sweet Stella. What an honor to be her newborn photographer. I photographed her parent’s wedding and she was born pretty close to their second anniversary. She’s such a beauty and was a great sleeper, which is always a good way into my heart. Her eyelashes, though…seriously. Thank you, Ashley and Logan, for letting me […]

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Krista & Austin

January was a crazy month. It’s supposed to be a slow month, but I had three seniors and three engagement sessions. If you don’t know this – in North Dakota six outdoor sessions in January is crazy. None of them had to be rescheduled due to weather. That’s also crazy and great. Krista and Austin […]

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magic and bats out of hell

So, if you know me, you know that I’m besties with Shannon, the owner of MBS Studio. And you know these are her kiddos. And if you know Shannon, you know that there are a lot of last minute grand ideas. I’m the planner, she’s the idea girl. So, when I knew that she had […]

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