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the real deal

What a sweet family this is. Everyone was loving on each other and smiley and happiness. Sometimes we have to fake it for pictures, but this was the real deal, folks. There’s a lot of love going around in this family, so much that it oozes out. Little Luke is so edibly adorable – he even […]

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Dylan Squinches

Happy babies make happy photographers. Dylan is one of the happiest I’ve met. I love how his face squinches up when he smiles. I guess squints isn’t a word, but it should be. Am I right? My summer and fall has been so full of smiley faces that I just can’t contain myself.

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Bucket List

About six years ago I did a session from this family. Soon after that they moved to Ireland. I was so honored that they wanted me to take their photos on a recent visit to the States. What a cool family – so cultured, so much of the world they have shown their children, but […]

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Jessie is not only so very gorgeous, but also is just so very sweet and fun to be with. Also, her parents – they are so amazing and I’m sad they moved two weeks after this because I think we could be besties. Jessie is spending her senior year at a new school, but she’s […]

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Amelia’s 9 month session was a bust. We gave it two tries and she absolutely would not take a photo. Well, I think there were three photos taken, but that was NOT enough for this cute, sweet child. So, there was a lot of anxiety that led up to this shoot. The day of the […]

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